Elementary Enrichment Class

Our Current Study: Constellations

The following is a mini-Webquest. Follow these links to read about constellation myths and folklore. Then set a purpose for your own story and write an imaginative tale of your own.

 Part 1

                  1. Does the myth explain how the constellation came to be in the sky? 

                  2. Does it explain the location of the constellation?


Part 2 

You will listen to a story (be sure to put on your headphones if you are in class).

The first part is the Native American story "Why Coyote Howls: A Star Story". Click on the link and a small screen of the night sky will appear. As you listen to the story, use the night sky as a backdrop to imagine the scenes. The second part is the story of how scientists have mapped the night sky.


 Part 3

Write your own constellation story.

In the Native American story, the narrator says that the stories are not meant to explain these mysteries, rather they are meant to help people pay attention to our world. The Greek myths that you read are told specifically to explain how the constellations came to be. Think about what your purpose is in telling your story. Think about your audience and setting. These are important to the development of your story.